The Idea of the Organization-You-Lead

|The Idea of the Organization-You-Lead
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Do you know the answers to these questions?

If you ask an employee, “Quick! Describe this organization in ten words of less,” she will reveal her idea of the organization you lead—assuming honesty of course. If you ask 20 employees to do this, how similar will their answers be? Does it matter?
How people think about your organization will dictate how they act on behalf of it. What can you tell about your employee’s idea of your organization simply by observing their behavior? Is this different from the idea you have of your organization?
For a brand to be effective, it must be crisp enough to be easily communicated but complex enough to be meaningful. Does your brand tilt too far in one direction or another? Can you tell? Do you know what to do about it?
Does your internal brand serve as the foundation of other key ideas within your organization? Does the idea of your organization sync with the self identities of other business units? How relevant to others is the idea of The-Organization-You-Lead?
Who cares about how you think about your organization? Do others view it in the same way, or do they see it through completely different lenses? Does this have an impact on their engagement with your vision?

How I can help

I will work with you or your employees in the following ways:

Set and achieve your vision for your organization.

Typical coaching objectives include:

  • Design your tactical and strategic visions to minimize risks to their stability and effectiveness.
  • Monitor the health of your tactical and strategic ideas as they work their way through the organization.
  • Improve communications by viewing your tactical and strategic visions through the eyes of others.

Next step: Ask me how to help you to focus and shape ideas about your organization—when you first arrive or are taking a new direction. You may also set up a complimentary coaching session.

Get people on board with your vision.

Typical workshop or meeting objectives include:

  • Align team member’s ideas of their own accountabilities with the tactical and strategic vision of the organization.
  • Weed out activities that do not contribute to achieving the organizational vision.
  • Develop a common framework and vocabulary that enables collaboration toward a common goal.

Next step: Talk to me about a workshop to ensure team activities are aligned with your vision.

Motivate people to focus their energies where it matters.

Typical presentation objectives include:

  • Raise awareness of practical value of cross-organizational collaboration.
  • Challenge silo-owners to build bridges to enable the success of each.
  • Share lessons learned about cross-organization collaboration from research on my book, “Leading Through Ideas.”

Next step: Ask me about a practical and motivational presentation to encourage cross-organization collaboration.

Buy the Book Now!

Please contact me to discuss any of the above issues. I will be pleased to provide you with a free copy of my book in return for an interesting conversation. 832 330 2536

Read an excerpt from Chapter 5, “The Idea of The-Organization-You-Lead”