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Step Up to the Next Level Through Leadership Coaching

Do you want to make a change?

Whether you are a senior executive or an emerging leader, you probably don’t have access to the sounding boards you need to address leadership issues.  I can help you identify and clarify these issues so that you can make concrete decisions about what actions you need to take to get what you want.

Are you willing to hear tough questions?

My approach is to ask the tough questions and to provide you the support you need to find answers that work for you. I have a large collection of best practices, tools and techniques, but only you can determine which will work for you. Once you do, I will hold you accountable for the change you choose and will provide you the support to make that change.

Do you want to get started?

I am happy to provide a complimentary session to help you to decide if we are a good fit. Then, we will meet in confidential one-on-one sessions over a six-month period. Face-to-face sessions are preferred but telephone or video-supported conferences are possible. Intensive three-month engagements are also a possibility.

Here are the ways I can help you

Senior executives often choose coaching at important transition points in their careers: Anticipating a promotion, heading up a new business unit, moving to a new discipline or even to a new employer. At these times, I find my clients asking questions such as:

  • How can I leverage the strengths that got me here to continue my success?
  • Which of those strengths of the past can actually be derailers in my new position?
  • How do I present a strong image of leadership while still showing a willingness to learn from my colleagues and employees?
  • How do I handle those crucial “first 100 days?”
Emerging leaders may already be on the “fast track,” or they intend to be. They often have the raw skills and intelligence to make it, but lack the structured approach necessary to advance at the pace they wish. Clients at this stage of their careers often want help with the following issues:

  • What is executive presence, and how do I develop it?
  • What are my strengths as a leader, and how do I best leverage them?
  • What are potential career derailers, and how can I avoid them?
  • How do I develop and strengthen relationships with those who will be making decisions about my future?

Idea Leadership: A Disciplined Approach

Idea Leadership is a rigorous, step-by-step approach to analyzing ideas and mitigating the high risks all ideas face within an organization. These may be ideas you promote through large scale organizational initiatives, or they may be those you present within a single meeting. The methods are taken directly from my book, “Leading Through Ideas.”

This approach is not for everyone. The following are minimal requirements:

  • You must have the willingness to learn and practice a very specific set of analytic techniques.
  • You must enjoy “slicing-and-dicing” ideas and looking at them from entirely new perspectives.
  • You must appreciate the value of abstract thinking even while you face immediate and concrete tactical issues.

If the above describes you, we should talk about engaging in this challenging endeavor.

I use assessments to decrease the time it takes for me to get to know you, your strengths and your opportunities for growth. Together, we will choose an approach that works best for your situation.

A structured interview with you: This is the most basic and is an essential part of any coaching engagement.

On-line self assessments: I use these to identify strengths and opportunities for growth, but especially to identify opposing strengths that may be used to complement each other. Potential career derailers can also be identified using this approach.

360 degree interviews: I conduct structured interviews with your superior(s), peers and direct reports to get important perspectives on how you are viewed by others.

360 on-line assessments: This is a more efficient but less in-depth approach to understanding the perspectives of others.

Coaching is a catalyst for converting ideas into results.

Leadership Coaching Examples

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