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Leaders Lead Through Ideas

Ideas lead to actions

Your employees act on the ideas they have in their own heads. Some of these ideas come from within themselves, some come from others in the organization, and some come from you.  Your job is to align and focus these ideas so that the organization’s energy is directed toward a common vision.

What risks do ideas face?

Ideas exist within a high-risk, survival of the fittest environment. The biggest risk any idea faces within your organization is that it gets lost in the muddle of the thousands of competing ideas that float through the environment on any given day.  Other risks include:

Loss of Focus: People lose track of the purpose of an idea, or who needs to do what to achieve results.

Loss of Shape: An idea that starts out with clarity becomes confused and muddled that people no longer recognize it for the important idea it was.

Misalignment: Ideas start playing tug-of-war with each other, competing for attention and resources, limiting the impact of all of them.

Disengagement: People no longer care about the idea because it has lost credibility and it is not clear “What’s In It For Me?” (WIFM). If people don’t care, they will not act.

What kinds of ideas are at risk?

You can assume that any idea you or others present will die an untimely death if the risks are not identified and mitigated. This is true for all ideas, big or small. For example:

  • A single item on a meeting agenda
  • An idea delivered through an organizational initiative
  • An idea for a major new product
  • The mental image people have of you as a leader
  • The idea you hope people have about your organization

Here is how I can help you

A Skills-Based Experience

I will work one-on-one to develop your skills in Idea Risk Management and apply the tools to mitigate risks such as:

  • An idea starts with a bang but gets lost in the shuffle.
  • An important message becomes muddled and loses impact
  • An idea fails to turn into action and results at the ground level
  • People simply don’t care about an important idea.

You will become agile at applying these skills on the spur of the moment to increase the life span of your ideas or those of others.

Idea Risk Management–A Practical, Hands-On Experience

Learn and practice specific Idea Risk Management skills.

Half-day Workshop: Case Study Only—A single case study will be followed throughout the workshop, with participants applying the tools in stages within small groups.

Full-day workshop: Case Study Plus  Practicum–Participants apply the idea risk management tools to actual situations of their own, ranging from preparing for a meeting to planning an initiative.

Initiative-Based Workshop: An in tact initiative team focuses on a single organizational initiative with which they are involved.

  • At startup, to anticipate and manage risks through planning.
  • During implementation, to identify and mitigate small risks before they become big ones.
  • Post completion, to identify lessons learned.

Custom Workshops: I will be happy to design a customized Idea Risk Management workshop to suit your needs.

Amusing Perspectives on Turning Ideas into Results

Keynote or interactive small groups. All presentations can be customized to an organization and/or the industry. Their purpose is to encourage people to think about how ideas work and how to use them more effectively.

Herd Ideas, Not Cats! It’s more important to align ideas than it is to align bodies. Gives peoples a fresh perspective on turning ideas into results.

The Pit and the Pendulum: Where Ideas Go When They Die. Addresses the fact that most ideas die untimely deaths, and what can be done about it.

Collaboration Dilemmas — A Statistical Process Control Perspective. Collaboration is a nice idea but has its dark side as well. Take a close look at the very good reasons people avoid collaboration and what you can do to balance the power of the light with the power of the dark.

The Idea Menagerie — Life Styles and Feeding Habits. Lonely ideas, busy ideas, schematic ideas, tumultuous ideas and more! Learn to spot them, tame them or simply hunt them down.

Idea Risk Assessment

Reduce the enormous costs of Big Ideas (and small ones) getting lost on their journey from conception to results. I can help you to answer questions such as:

Where are Big Ideas most vulnerable in my organization, and how can I mitigate that risk?

What Big Ideas are most critical to customer satisfaction on a major project, and how can I keep them from getting lost in the shuffle?

What does it cost me when a Big Idea goes “Poof” in the night, and what can I do about it?

Why do small but important ideas lose momentum after being introduced in meetings, conversations or other communications, and how can I prevent that?

Assessment strategies include interviews, on-line assessments and/or facilitated team discussions.

Ideas live in a high risk survival of the fittest environment, and most won’t survive.

Idea Risk Management Examples

R&D Collaboration Assessment
Global Assessment of firm culture
A Two-Hour Idea Risk Assessment
The Idea of You-as-Leader