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“John is a very skilled coach; able to quickly zero-in on key issues, to stimulate creative thinking and act as a expert sounding board. He has my unreserved recommendation.”

— VP of Engineering

“John Eggert brings a pragmatic and realistic approach to executive coaching that really works.”

— Chief Accounting Officer

“He knows how to ask the right question at the right time. His understanding of human behavior, coupled with patient listening skills makes him an excellent coach.”

— Director, IT Business Development

Want to make your current initiative a success or find out what went wrong with the last one?

Beta test our Idea Risk Assessment tools.

Four-Factor Idea Risk Assessment


Leading Through Ideas

Leading Through Ideas

Leading Through Ideas provides a clear, simple framework for thinking about ideas, understanding how change gets stuck in an organization, and focusing on what’s needed to drive the change you want.

— Linda M. Berger – CAO, Direct Energy

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Challenge Yourself by Asking Some Tough Questions

Your employees act in response to the ideas they have in their heads, not the ideas you have in yours. If their ideas are not aligned with yours, you are likely to be pulling in different directions.

These three sets of questions challenge you to think about how others view several ideas that are important to you.

How others think of you as a leader
How others think of the organization you lead
Why your iniatives go “poof” in the night

“Your role as a leader is to monitor the health of ideas moving through your organization and manage the risks to their success. ”

— from Leading Through Ideas – A Practical Framework

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